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What is TISL Media?

TISL Media is a multimedia team with the mission of accurately and efficiently promoting, informing and sharing news as it relates to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature with integrity, trustworthiness, and an independent voice. This is a fantastic opportunity for students majoring in Electronic Media Journalism, Strategic Communications, New Media, Journalism, Videography, A/V, Editing, Web Design, English, Marketing or Public Relations. TISL Media is divided into the specializations of social media, print, and broadcast, with each team working in tandem to provide timely information to its audience.


You do not have to have a specific major to be part of the team. 


TISL’s Broadcast Media team members bring their own field kits.  This equipment is specific to the team member’s specialization.  For example, if the team member’s talent is specific to editing, then this team member would be sure to bring their own laptop, w/ editing software.  Broadcast student reporters bring their own camera, microphone, tripod, as well as computer w/ editing software, and chargers, etc. Pending coverage needs, student reporters will be split into morning and afternoon news teams to turn at least one news reporter package and one VO/SOT per shift.  Additional newsgathering is welcomed and encouraged.  These videos will be posted to TISL’s YouTube and the TISL media website.  Ambitious planning is underway to produce three-daily, short magazine-style newscasts during November’s General Assembly.  This venture will be dependent on the number of student reporters and A/V editors participating.

TISL Times

The TISL Times team members join one of the oldest and longest media traditions of TISL.  TISL Times is the official print publication of the TISL Media.  Publishing two editions each day of November session, team members submit timely, accurate and informative stories to preview, inform, or provide post-event coverage of  TISL related events or issues of interests specific to the TISL Media’s audience

Social Media

Social Media team members work closely with the Social Media Director, adhering to TISL’s Social Media Guidelines while maintaining responsibilities such as moderating special online events, measuring and documenting engagement, sharing media coverage across social platforms, promoting pending coverage across platforms and active, truthful coverage during November TISL events.  This November coverage includes reporting from the House, the Senate, and about AMC3 competition events. ​

As TISL evolves, so does our audience.  Joining this year’s dynamic team means joining a year round multimedia team. Students willing to invest time and talent as part of this year’s TISL Media experience open the door to valuable opportunities to network, strengthen journalistic skills, and expand their resume worthy material.

Interested in being part of the 2017-2018 TISL Media team?  Be sure to select TISL Media and the areas of your interest on your delegate application. If you have any questions, please submit them below.

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Any delegate attending the General Assembly can choose to join the TISL Media team.
We have positions for:
  • Video Reporters
  • Print Reporters
  • Social Media Reporters
  • Photographers
To become a Media Correspondent, simply choose 'Editor/Reporter' when you register for the General Assembly at

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