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First Regional Workshop Held at Belmont University's College of Law

By Kiara Green 10/02/14 8:12pm


On the afternoon of September 28th, a promising workshop for the 45th annual Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature was held at the newly built Belmont University, College of Law. In preparation for the General Assembly, set to take place November 13th-16th, the workshop was filled with enthusiastic students from across the Tennessee region, including community colleges and universities such as Chattanooga State, Rhodes College, Memphis State, Nashville State, and Austin Peay.

Directed by TISL’s 2014 Executive Council, Governor Jamie Arnett of U.T. Martin and Speaker of the Senate Brandon Chrisman of University of Tennessee opened the workshop by detailing the works of this year’s General Assembly. The workshop followed with enticing presentations from Speaker of the House Logan Brasher, Speaker Pro Tem of the Senate Olivia O’Brien, Speaker Pro Tem of the House Jolie-Grace Wareham, State Treasurer David Snapp of University of Tennessee, Chief Justice Sam Adkisson of Vanderbilt, and Attorney General Hannah Strong.

A mock parliamentary session was held during the workshop which included TISL Bill 45, a bill proposed to permit gun owners to carry arms in the use of self-defense on Tennessee colleges. The bill was opposed by more than half of the student delegates attending the workshop and was also unexpectedly tabled by Al Douglas of Chattanooga State Community College.

Al Douglas is the chairman for Chattanooga State Community College delegation. Douglas, a delegate who is running for senator stated, “I’m looking forward to bringing my delegation into the General Assembly and showing them how politics and the court system function, while also having fun and receiving a career-building opportunity.”

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