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Meet Rachel Washburn: Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

By Emily Rose Mitchell 10/29/14

What constitutes a successful candidate for the TISL Supreme Court? With so much competition, the appointee has to believe in the gravity of the position. This is not just a game played by college students as a fun side-hobby; it's training for the future. As Rachel Washburn, the new Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, puts it, TISL is “a time when we get to play 'dress-up.' We all get to have a small taste of our respective careers. It teaches you many things you can carry through your career such as professionalism, social skills, research, writing, professional dress, and networking.”

Rachel is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee at Martin, pursuing a Political Science degree. She was appointed to the court following the position opened when a justice resigned at the beginning of summer. On top of being the Philanthropy chair for the UT Martin TISL delegation and now an Associate Justice, she is the Elections Commissioner for her school's SGA and a member of the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.

After going through the Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge as a participant last year, she fell in love with the entire process and decided to deepen her experience. Rachel decided to apply for the TISL Supreme Court as the next step to gain the full involvement in the true experience of the conference. Thinking back on her motives, she states, “I have a true passion for TISL and the law, so it only seemed logical that I try to become involved with the court. I have not regretted my choice!”

While becoming a member of the Supreme Court is not an easy thing to do, Rachel proves as a sophomore that with true passion and dedication, this experience of TISL can prepare a member for their career “more than any class or club during [his or her] collegiate experience.”

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