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Executive Council Enacts New Initiatives

by: Chandler Schneider

The Executive Council for the 45th General Assembly has been hard at work over the past year to make this year’s G.A. the best one yet.


At the General Assembly itself, you’ll probably see members of the Executive Council in a choreographed version of chaos as they put all of their energy into making sure their efforts over the past year come to fruition Legislators might also wonder why the chair is stubbornly refusing to recognize their placard when they clearly held it up first, right? So what exactly was the Executive Council working on this past year?

For one, the Council had a goal of increasing the number of schools represented at this year’s G.A., and regional outreach teams managed to add several new schools to the Assembly. The Executive Council also worked hard to improve the experience of TISL Media to make it “more powerful as an entity.” Strong and Snapp also took the lead on a TISL recycling initiative, and a Women’s Caucus will be started at this year’s General Assembly.

So sit back (stand up and chase down bills) relax (who has the time to do that?) and enjoy the 45th Annual General Assembly. And legislators, don’t worry. You’ll get your name called eventually.

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