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Legislative Plaza Mural Inspires Delegates

By Tiana Winstead

How would you answer, “What does Tennessee mean me?” Would you say agriculture, country music, barbeque, or raccoons? No matter your answer, you will find it plastered on the wall of the War Memorial Building Mezzanine. Here you will find the Photo Mural of the Great State of Tennessee, dedicated by Speaker of the House Beth Harwell in 2012.


Its massive size, color, and intricacy create a visual representation of the state’s immense diversity, beauty, and timelessness. But what a person may overlook is the mural’s artistic symbolism of Tennessee’s unity. From the Dogwood Festival of Knoxville to the fireworks in Nashville, the numerous photos are joined together despite the differences in order to from a single image.

These photos, like the individual members of TISL, can stand alone, but when placed together, they serve a greater purpose, which is to represent Tennessee. While in Nashville, take a moment to visit the mural in the media area of Legislative Plaza and realize the importance and impact of the state’s diverse qualities.

But more importantly, remember that as a member of TISL it is up to you to make sure that the next mural of Tennessee may be even better. This art piece instills a sense of Tennessee’s past and pride, and you are it’s future.

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