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Tennessee Supreme Court Justices Kirby and Bivins Speak to TISL Students

By: Jesse Walker


Justice Kirby and Justice Bivins, the two newest appointees on the Tennessee Supreme Court, spoke to TISL students on Friday afternoon instead of Friday evening due to unexpected events.

The justices discussed their duties on the Tennessee Supreme Court and opened the floor for questions. Justice Kirby addressed a question relating to women in leadership roles. “It is important for students to envision themselves in positions of leadership,” said Kirby, who was an engineering student in college but always wanted to serve in a judicial environment. She stated that her background in engineering has helped her in analyzing the logic in cases presented before her.

Justice Bivins spoke on the importance of keeping one’s humility and morals in such a leadership role. He also provided his perspective on applications he receives for clerical positions. Being truthful about not knowing an answer and the ability to think on your feet were two skills Justice Bivins sees as valuable.

The reception for all judicial related students is still scheduled for tonight from 5-6 p.m. in the Tennessee Supreme Court Building.

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