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Delegates Commend Each Other’s Delegations

By: Tiana Winstead

As the 45 General Assembly comes to a close, competitiveness sets in. You may find yourself wondering, “Which schools have dominated the TISL scene?” After a public opinion survey of 55 fellow delegates, and maybe yourself, 16 schools were named. These schools were chosen on the basis of the individual perception of “best”, which ranged from being the most competitive, active, or boldest. On the frontline of TISL’s scene coming in with the highest percent, 18% was Rhodes College. Opinions this year have been a mixture of envy and infamy. Positive comments such as “Rhodes has been very helpful and open-minded to this year’s bill selection” can be found. In contrast, there were individuals that had a negative spin on the school’s popularity, “This year delegates have been very inflammatory. Work on your arguments.”

Coming in second with a positive streak of comments was UTK with 14%. Those interviewed mentioned UTK has been very active in the legislation and its members are “positive, organized, and a basic watch-dog of TISL.” In third place is Vanderbilt with 13%. These hometown members have not only brought “high energy” but also “sassiness” to the legislation. An interviewee reluctantly said, “Vanderbilt is hard to overlook or undermine their capabilities due to their loud, and at times rude, voice in the legislature.” Despite the opinion, Vanderbilt is a prominent figure in this year’s TISL realm. The next most popular schools were tied, U of M and Union. Both schools reigning from West Tennessee have been “humble in their opinions and reasoning.”


Additional schools that were noted are Tennessee Tech, UTC, UTM, Belmont, Austin Peay, Bethel, Jackson State, Dyersburg State, Cumberland University, and Roane State. Congratulations to these schools for making a lasting impact on your fellow delegates!

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