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Tennessee Teachers Lobbies for Education Bills

By: De’Quad Grant Jimmerson

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The CEO of Tennessee Teachers Lobbying group Roz Kenny-Birch says that the Lobbyists are having a great time. This year, delegates are utilizing an app called GroupMe, enabling each of them to stay in constant contact. “The app has helped with communication and it has also held more delegates accountable.” She goes on to say that the Tennessee Teachers Lobbyists are keeping their eyes on many bills, including Lobbying Committee Bill 12 Common Core. Kenny-Birch said, “Common Core is causing many problems for teachers.” According to the bill’s authors, Common Core restricts the creativity and ingenuity of teachers, thereby restricting them from teaching in their own way. Tennessee Teachers Lobbyists were pleased that Bill 12 received a unanimous vote to block the bill.

This lobbying group is also keeping their eyes on Bill 19 (An act To repeal gateway to sexual activities), Bill 22 (An act to amend the Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1007(A) to require the inclusion of the use of nonviolence as a means of conflict resolution within the currently required character education curriculum), Bill 75 (An act to create an incentive with the Hope Scholarship), Bill 124 (An act to change: Title 49 Education Chapter 6 Elementary and Secondary part 34 suspension of students), Bill 160 (An act to amend TCA 49-60-6001 (A) to require successful passage of the United States citizenship test for Tennessee public high school graduation).

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