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Death to the Death Penalty

Bill 11, a bill to abolish the death penalty in Tennessee, was introduced to the senate floor today. It was hotly contested, and sparked significant outcry.

“I am a conservative, and I am Pro-life. I believe that no life should be taken, there are other ways to go about consequences,” said Senator 13 in a very eye-opening claim.

Other senators also made their opinions known saying,

“A life is innocent until proven guilty” and “Life is too precious”. In the senate, only one delegate voiced a desire to keep the death penalty. Their reasoning was,

“I believe we need to have consequences for our actions, if a person simply murders another human being, we shouldn’t have that person walking around in the streets. Prison is temporary and eventually they will have their rights back like every other individual. I believe we need such consequences to lower crime rates in Tennessee.”

The senator’s argument sounded very much like the golden rule (do unto others as you would want done to you) but the bill passed with flying colors in the Senate. Now the bill will be moved to the House of Representatives to be debated on. What do you think? Head to the bills page on TISL Media’s website to make your voice heard.

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