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Who's in the House?

East Tennessee State University sophomore Dominique Cain is a first-time representative at the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature.

Hailing from Chapin, South Carolina, Cain is a pre-med student with a love for all things political.

“Someone actually asked me if I think I’m hogging a spot from people who really need this,” said Cain. “Absolutely not. I think everyone needs this.”

Cain is passionate about diversity, children’s rights and healthcare issues and used her platform and legislation to showcase that.

“Although this is on a small scale, everyone should know how their government works,” said Cain.

While many TISL members are a part of student government or pre-law societies, students, such as Cain come to TISL to explore the political area in an interactive way.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Cain is the primary sponsor of TISL Bills 116, which is an act to establish a more comprehensive sexual education programs in primary and secondary schools.

She is also a sponsor for TISL Bills 89, 90 and 120.

From her TISL experience, Cain seeks to educate other House members and learn from others, even those she does not agree with.

“TISL alumni are saying this is the most progressive delegation they’ve seen,” said Cain. “Hopefully that trend will continue, because it doesn’t seem that way.”

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