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Now accepting applications for 2018-2019 Media Director


The TISL Media Director is the leader of several dozen student journalists who cover news and events related to the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature throughout the year.


The TISL Media Director will be a student in good standing at a Tennessee college or university who will be on campus for both spring and fall semesters and in the United States during the summer. Participating in a study-abroad program for more than a few weeks is incompatible with this requirement and should be disclosed when applying.

The ideal candidate will be a proven leader with superb communication and organization skills. A thorough knowledge of the mass media process is also essential. The ideal candidate will have at least one year of experience with TISL, preferably with TISL Media. The position is open to students of any major who have suitable skills, training and experience.


  1. Appointing and supervising editors/leaders for TISL Media departments including print, broadcast, social media and the website.

  2. Applying professional standards and critical thinking skills to all reports to assure fairness, accuracy and newsworthiness.

  3. Attempting to ensure that every TISL Media participant has a successful experience by providing appropriate assignments and feedback, regardless of skill level and experience.

  4. Identifying opportunities for TISL Media to reach new platforms.

  5. Updating TISL Media documents including the Code of Ethics, Internal Procedures and all guidelines.

  6. Updating the TISL Media website.

  7. Updating the TISL Media Handbook and, if necessary, the TISL Media section of the TISL General Handbook.

  8. Helping all TISL Media participants achieve high professional standards.

  9. Building a statewide team that can cover TISL news all year all over the state.

  10. Working with the TISL Election Commissioner to organize and execute a plan to release the TISL election results.

  11. Working with the TISL Executive Director and/or Executive Council to organize the logistics for TISL Media at the General Assembly.

  12. Working with the Executive Council to reach out to mass communications, journalism and related programs to encourage participation in TISL Media.


The TISL Media Director is expected to be actively engaged throughout the year, including:

  1. Leading the process to identify and cover TISL news across the state all year on multiple media platforms.

  2. Helping to assure that department leaders are trained to meet professional standards and TISL Media goals.

  3. Assuring that a wide range of assignments is ready for TISL Media reporters and editors of all skill levels at the General Assembly.

  4. Understanding the TISL Media market. The overwhelming majority of people receiving information from TISL Media aren’t students and aren’t at the Capitol in November. TISL Media reports should recognize the full market.

  5. Protecting the editorial independence of TISL Media by helping to limit undue influence by delegates from outside TISL Media.

At the General Assembly, the TISL Media Director effectively oversees a newsroom of 30-40 journalists. As with most editors or news directors, the TISL Media Director won’t report or produce original materials at the GA but will oversee the efforts of others. The Director will be a manager and editor, not a content generator. This is a very important expectation. Please don’t apply if you primarily want to report/produce.

Applications deadline: Saturday, March 24, 2018

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